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GodSpot is a Christian Resource of Free Downloadable Books, Radio Programmes & Audio.


GodSpot is part of Studio 18 productions, which was established as part of the ministry of David Robinson evangelist and part time missionary who in 1985 began writing, producing and recording programs for radio stations worldwide.


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We trust that you enjoy reading these God inspired, Bible based books; believe it or not, there is power within these pages to change your life forever, power to inspire, to encourage and to enable you to see the arm of the Lord revealed in your own life. All we ask is that you share this free gift with as many others as you can and ask them to do the same as a means to reach the world with God’s report.

Download Free Christian Audio

As producers of radio programs for many radio stations worldwide the Lord has enabled us to reach out to millions of people worldwide not only in the English language but by offering free scripted material our programs have been translated into several other languages. We offer all our audio material free to listen to on line all we ask is that you share details of Godspot with your friends so that they can be blessed by God’s word.

If you work in radio and would like to download any of the programs please contact us and we will send you a link to all of our audio material.

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We are non-profit and rely on gifts to operate, if you appreciate our ministry please feel free to donate as the spirit leads.