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Brother God is powerful, through the message from the books my church needs extension due to many have joined us.


Sent to over 80 senior pastors.


About 3000+ people got that book… and I am sending to another 30 thousand people today.

Chellie Archie

I am beginning a bible training school which is to cover a variety of studied. I will use many of your teachings.

Pastor Fred

We have reached successful 450 leaders in various fellowships of Leaders. We do have close to over 5000 pastors and Bishops that we intend to reach.

East Africa

I send books and links to 600 people’s in nations of Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Nepal, Philippines, Bangladesh, Bhutan, India all states and Kenya…. and my friends.


I have 30 pastors working with me and lol of them get your materials and all of them teach and preach in their churches and apart from that we do training among 30 pastors whom we teach this.


I have send your link to all the Facebook groups that am in. I have send them to 4000 friends and groups in WhatsApp as well as posting it on my timeline.


I have already sent to 3000 friends


I will share in 114 churches and reaching out on 2 Radio Stations.


I have so far been able to send the book to over 370 people on my WhatsApp groups.


From last week we now 120 church leaders… reading and using your teachings.


Thank you so much for your great work to sharing this wonderful God’s Word, I am strengthened.  I am sharing with my friends, they told me they are blessed.  God Bless you and your great work.

Pastor S India

Thank you for your faithfulness everyday David. Your comments and encouragement has really help me in my Christian walk with my saviour. God Bless abundantly my brother in Christ, especially today.


A number of years ago I had a serious accident with my feet which left me partially disabled. I managed to walk quite well, but put up with pain and often much stiffness due to many fractures in my feet … Yesterday I was invited to attend a gathering which was hosting a guest speaker… A precious humble man named David Robinson. David ministered the presence of God to me and YES! God took all the stiffness from my feet. This morning I am running up and down my stairs normally instead of plodding down them one by one.


Hi David, you may not remember me, but you prayed over my little boy for healing of eczema. Praise God your prayers were answered. You explained how much God loves me through John 3 v16 so much more than I could even love my own son. I have been walking with The Lord ever since, my husband has since got saved & we are both very active in our church. Just want to say THANK YOU for being faithful in your witness.


May god continue to bless you and anoint you with such passion and fire to carry on spreading God’s word. I find all so encouraging love receiving your emails.


Thank you for all your words of wisdom and messages when I need them most. As the world turns more evil by the day and sometimes God seems far away you keep me believing David, are the one constant and the world is a better place with you in.


Once again man of God, thank you for your message on Gods abundant grace. I believe it was a message of freedom a message of liberty being free to be who Gods called you to be not a duplicate of someone else and the love of the father for his children. Also the freedom in the anointing that God has upon each of our lives anointed to be and do what God has called us to do. There is such freedom in these truths. I don’t think you realise the anointing that is upon you when you preach, you have such a beautiful way with words and opening up the scriptures. Keep on keeping on brother.


I enjoy your weekly article and find it very encouraging keep all those bits of spiritual food coming.


What a great reminder Dave of all our benefits because of what Christ did dying and paying for our sins and rising again… I need to remind myself who I am in Christ Jesus our Lord and Saviour. Thank you again for sending me so much encouragement. I am still getting settled in Florida and this past week I won my first person to the Lord in Florida.

Kenny T

David you are a blessing and an inspiration beyond compare. Keep up the good work!! I will keep on praying for you and enjoying your micro moments.


I want to thank you for your wonderful book which I shared with a young man who was struggling and looking for acceptance in all sorts of places. He read your story and came to me with tears in his eyes and said; ‘please thank that man. ‘I know now I am accepted’


Thank you so much David this word blessed me today, I really needed it please keep writing for you are a real encourager.


Sometime the enemy makes you feel that God is done with you .Thank God for the scriptures you sent today, that God is not done with me, as long as I am alive. Thank you for being an encouragement to me.


Thank you for an eye opening, gut wrenching open my eyes message/word for today… Oh what an amazing God we serve…. I am going to write those 2 words and put them on my prayer board as a constant and continued reminder… WHY ME?


A quick line to say hello and praise God for all your inspirational pieces. I love when I hear about our Dad and His love for us, and even more I love the way He is using you to help us know who we are and what promises we have.


Some few months back you really uplifted me to have a strong faith when I thought I could not manage to make life be life as per the situation I was in but through your Godly advice, in fact I have moved on, be blessed


Hello David. Thanks for keeping me on your heart. I greatly appreciate the articles that I receive from you on a weekly basis. The word there is a wonderful inspiration to my heart


Hi David. The programme was such a blessing I could not but let you all know how much it blessed my heart and does bless my heart each and every Sunday.  God Bless you greatly in all you are doing for our precious Lord.


I love your writings and enjoy listening to your own broadcast. I do prefer audio. I ask God to continue to bless and inspire you through His Holy Spirit and give you pressed down, shaken together and overflowing in your lap the abundance He promises in His word.


Thank you so much for everything, was really nice to meet you. Still laughing at my leg think it’s amazing how that happened, it is a miracle.


Great website David, so packed for all the family to enjoy! Very real, genuine testimonies and great encouragement from God’s perspective… Shedding Light, always bringing light into every dark, hopeless situation.. What a great and wonderful God we serve! When we have less he brings more! His grace is all we need, for when we are weak he is strong!


Before you signed our ABBA Father off I was overwhelmed by the promises of our great God and his love for us. God has greatly blessed me through your ministry before this too and I have no doubt He is touching countless lives that you will never know about until you meet folks in the glory who will tell you they got saved because of this, no greater reward than that.

George & Kaye

Your kindness so touches my soul.  You have a beautiful way of expressing your thoughts, your ideals, and your love of man – how did I get so lucky to meet up with you? Love and blessings, Marlene


What an awesome encouragement, my friend! Thank you a thousand times for these wonderful words, lifting my soul and spirit to the Lord in thanksgiving for the awesome privilege of being alive and being a daughter of the Most High!


I want to thank you for your excellent programs on Sundays especially, love the messages and songs, I love Jesus and love the WORD of GOD.

Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

An invaluable supply of daily help that we will make every attempt to share with our listeners.

Norman Polden
Station Manager, Flame CCR

My life has never at all been the same since I started reading the books and I would encourage the readers to trust in the Lord as they read these books and the Lord will open up our eyes of understanding so that we may continue to please our God and walk a holy walk as we develop our relationship with our Lord Jesus Christ.

Evangelist, Kenya

It is such a blessing to share your writings to our volunteers. You continue to be an encouragement to our little ministry.


The Word of God is sharper than any double edge sword and this book of short but powerful truths is part of the weapons we use to reach people with God’s Truth.

Brian Daly
Station Manager Life FM

In an era when “fast food” and “microwave meals” have become the norm my good friend David Robinson has compiled in his latest book, a complete and well balanced diet of encouragement, faith, motivation, love and direction for each day of the year.  I commend it to all as a source of real blessing.

David Bell

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