Studio 18 Productions

Studio 18 productions was established as part of the ministry of David Robinson evangelist and part time missionary who in 1985 began writing, producing and recording programs for radio stations worldwide.

We started by producing Christian programs for local radio stations in Ireland and within a short time the work spread to other countries and today our programs are aired on many radio stations worldwide. Our programs range from 20 second sound bites to 30 minute programs both in audio and written format for voice-overs which gives the material a local feel.

Ireland had no Christian Radio station due to government restrictions so in January 1994 we began establishing a network of AM and FM transmitters across the Island and 18 months later had a network of 28 transmitters working 24/7. This eventually led to the establishment of Christian radio in Ireland and on mainland GB, and allowed us to turn to work of producing material.

In 2012 we helped to establish a FM radio station in Africa by providing a transmitter and to date have been involved with the building of eight stations in various African countries as well as on mainland GB.

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